35m2 apartment with modern rustic design

Although the small apartment has an area of only 35m2, the architects have created a comfortable living space and full of natural light.

Most of the spaces are interconnected almost directly without walls except for the bathroom space. Bedroom space is designed in a “wooden box” with sleeping mattress placed on a wardrobe system below.

The wooden staircase leading to the bed is also used as a storage drawer to increase the storage space for small houses. Thanks to being placed on a high cabinet, homeowners can see the whole space and can look out the window to admire the outside landscape right at the bed.

Because the house is very small, the architects have maximized the ability to store furniture with cabinets surrounding the walls and from floor to ceiling.

Most concrete walls have been removed so to create a separation between spaces, the architect has replaced with soft cloth membranes to ensure separation and privacy between spaces but has It can be easily pulled back to create a connection and ventilation for the house when the concrete walls cannot take over.

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