55+ awesome designs for small gardens

Beautiful gardens are now a trend in the design of houses worldwide to bring everyday life closer to nature. The front yard of the beautiful house not only brings great spiritual value, helps you relax, have fun, enjoy the outdoors but also increase the attraction for the house to be more fresh and full of life.

However, not all houses are fortunate to own a beautiful yard, but if you know how to make the best use, you absolutely can own beautiful rare gardens.

If you want your house to have a beautiful, unique and impressive garden, take a look at how to decorate the front yard and how to design a beautiful, simple but extremely impressive garden right below. Ancu.me product will help you create a dreamlike small garden landscape.

How to design a beautiful garden

Landscape garden beautiful house is a work of very high art and confirms the aesthetics of the homeowner. Beautiful garden design is evaluated through two factors that are impressive smart design and create a new feeling for the viewer.

Principles of garden design

Beautiful home garden models are used to create mathematical shapes such as circles, triangles, squares, … or long straight lines to make a difference in designs.

Therefore, to design a beautiful garden, all must follow a certain number of rules to create harmony between the details as follows:

  • Repetition: Should design and decorate the garden becomes diverse to avoid repeating the topic many times, making your small garden decoration becomes boring.
  • Diversity: Nature is a variety, so the design or decoration in the garden becomes the most diverse and wonderful.
  • Balance: The parts of the garden need to create a unified whole.
  • Highlights: Each small garden design in front of the house should also create accents for the viewer.
  • Sequence: Design must be arranged in a certain order, suitable in a certain direction to avoid repetition and unbalance.

Note when designing the garden landscape

Designing beautiful small garden landscapes, Beautiful exterior at home is the dream of many people, if you do not know where to start, the following notes will help you get a nice decorative garden landscape. Delivers a sense of relaxation and comfort.

  • Choose a small garden landscape

There are two types of garden miniatures as follows:

Dry miniatures
The mini landscape consists of a dynamic landscape (a mini landscape is a tap, a waterfall) and a small landscape (the mini landscape is a calm and calm water surface).

  • Nice garden layout

Once you have chosen a dry landscape or water, the location is extremely important. The appropriate location to design a landscape garden is the center of the yard or close to the edge of the fence, also depends on the spacious or narrow space.

  • The plants decorate the garden beautiful landscape

Types of plants that are often used to decorate the garden landscape are Japanese bamboo, fern, orchid, betel nut, cactus, talented needles, banana tree fan, velvet grass, red areca tree, apricot tree, palm tree, myrtle,…

The flowers commonly used to decorate the beautiful home garden are climbing roses, hollyhocks, apricot blossom, banana flowers, heavenly flowers, …

The plants are suitable for small water landscapes such as aquatic plants, lotus, algae, moss, …

  • Materials, garden decorations

Garden decoration is simple but extremely lively by adding decorative items such as copper statues, old men fishing, …

In addition, using shells, brains, colored pebbles, white pebbles to decorate the garden is also a great way to beautify the landscape.

  • Light for beautiful home garden landscape

Light is considered as an important element for garden furniture, helping the tree grow best. For some fragile plants, installing lights around your home’s beautiful garden will create a shimmer at night. Nowadays, decorative garden lights are cheap, so take advantage of that gives you a beautiful and unique garden image.

  • Preventing insects for garden landscape

To cope with insects such as mosquitoes, centipedes, ants, … by releasing fish in the lake or installing additional lights.

How to design flower beds in front of the house

The design of a flower garden in front of the house has just brought green space and contributed to the air purification, improving the living conditions and aesthetics for the house. Therefore, the design of flower beds in front of the house can help to change the appearance of your house.

To design a beautiful flower garden, you need to pay attention to the necessary notes below:

  • Choose the position as a beautiful flower garden for the house is very important, choose the position of a flower garden located in space to minimize negative impacts from the environment. Where can absorb maximum sunlight, ventilation, and easy care?
  • Do not put too big plants in your small flower garden because it will hinder the photosynthesis and development of flowers.
  • The proportion and size of plants and flowers should have a balance and harmony with each other. The number of flowers in the flowerpot in front of the house should be moderate so as to suit the area of ​​the garden, avoiding too many trees and flowers that make the garden become stuffy, confused, and unsightly.
  • The flower garden decoration is oriented towards simplicity, openness, and harmony in both color and space.
  • For apartments with an area of ​​about 60m2 – 90m2, you can design a flower tub in front of the balcony, creating a relaxing space and beautify the living space.
  • Avoid planting too many kinds of flowers with different colors, which makes the flower garden easy in harmony and mess. For flower pots, you should choose the same color flowers to bring a new feeling to your home.

Here will be some ideas on how to design and create beautiful flower beds for the above space to be unique.

Take advantage of old car tires, painted flowers extremely attractive and unique for your home.

Flower pots become eye-catching thanks to a unique way of growing flowers, turning the soil into a flower shape and planting flowers inwards. The result is achieved when the flowers bloom with outstanding color.

An old box can also be used to grow flowers placed on the porch, more brilliant, lit above the lamp to make the mini flower park sparkling in the evening.

Beautifully designed, divided artfully by creating a small path between the flower beds, the unique sophistication for a small area of ​​the garden.

Surround the trunk in front of your home by planting beautiful, fluffy, soft and attractive flowers.

Or simply with small flower pots placed in front of the house also makes the house more lively and natural.

Rose garden in front of the house is much loved, can be planted and planned in beds to create short beauty for the front yard.

Sample beautiful landscape garden

Model of traditional garden front house

Model of garden in front of Vietnamese traditional house
Decorating traditional Vietnamese garden like a 4-level garden with a beautiful garden will be more interesting and lively if the design has a small aquarium or waterfall placed under the fence and flower pots with many designs will be great and eye-catching. .

Decorating level 4 garden in many architectural styles such as Asian, rural Vietnam, … will create a feeling of freshness and freshness. Here are some samples of beautiful garden level 4, small landscape garden front house model is much popular today.

Decorative small landscape beautiful garden

You are disturbed by a small area in front of the house and you want to make your house more beautiful. Then the decoration and design of a mini garden landscape with green grass and flowers of all kinds will bring a great space.

Here are some unique garden designs in front of your house, you can apply immediately to your house.

  • This beautiful small garden model has a simple but extremely delicate garden landscape design. Create a beautiful dream garden image from the layout at the corner of the entrance to the lush ornamental plants.
  • The beautiful small garden in front of the house will become more beautiful with a unique design, this is a beautiful landscape garden pattern planted on each floor, each floor planted a special flower plant.
  • A small garden corner space has been designed into a resting garden. Looking at the design brings a beautiful little garden corner vividly green.
  • Model of the small modern beautiful garden house for the house to be more perfect, this is considered a medium and modern design solution that saves the area. In the context of the current soil, garden blood will be the most practical solution you should choose.
  • A beautiful garden model for townhouses, without using too many areas can still create a beautiful small garden space close to nature.
  • This Japanese-style garden has green trees, flowing water and fresh flower beds creating a green and relaxed feeling when looking. That is one of the beautiful small garden decorations.
  • Designing a small garden behind the house is a great idea to bring open space, spacious and close to nature.

Villa garden

This is a model of a beautiful villa garden surrounded by eye-catching white fences, surrounded by large, small decorative trees that are eye-catching, harmonious and blending with colorful flowers to create the scenery. outdoors beautiful, sparkling.

Using small to large stones adds a highlight to the lush atmosphere here. This will be a miniature landscape garden villa worth owning for all families today, the right type of fresh air and sunshine to help the family enjoy relaxing.

Model beautiful garden villa, eye-catching decoration

Model beautiful garden villa, eye-catching decoration

  • The most beautiful garden model is loved by many people because of its simple and rustic beauty with a natural countryside style. The green patches of natural grass and trees are intertwined with rudimentary substances such as small stones, rocks, pebbles, and small pots standing on the bamboo trees, making the viewer feel peaceful and peaceful. singular and close to nature.
  • The beautiful garden pattern indispensable design miniature landscape garden Japanese style villa, Asian architecture because it brings an elegant beauty, calm, peaceful space, good intentions do place to relax and rest.
  • This modern-style villa garden model uses a variety of trees of different colors, arranged intertwined to create a color effect without being boring. The layout of the smart garden creates a unique feature that helps the villa space have a romantic miniature park.

Modern villa garden with a peaceful lake, bringing a sense of peace to the homeowners. The lake is divided into many small areas, interwoven with green trees to bring natural beauty with luxurious wooden walkways, stone wall panels to create a reflection effect for the splendid garden space.

This beautiful front yard design is unique in that it has an impressive stone walkway with unique and impressive color blocks. Using white pebbles, stone sessions, grass floors, wood, … creates a beautiful modern garden landscape.

The villa houses a modern landscaped garden that draws from the design to the beautiful décor, bringing a natural space to help homeowners rest and relax at any time. The right type of indoor garden right now.

  • Model of beautiful European garden villas with unique designs, outdoor tables and chairs drinking under the shade of trees create elegance and elegance. This is the European garden model that is loved by many people.
  • Villa design garden beautiful 500m2 from the context to the decoration of flowers, spacious and airy space including fish, water, trees, ornamental and cool breeze seats. This place gives people a sense of both aesthetics and comfort.
  • The French garden for this villa has a distinct, impressive beauty. The walkway is a straight line that runs along the garden using the most sophisticated brick, stone, gravel design. The neat tree-lined promenade and architecture express the ancient Europe.

Resort garden

The design of the resort garden creates a harmonious natural setting that helps the resort more stylish and unique. The beautiful garden pattern for the resort also depends on the design style of the resort, the resort to get the best layout and the landscape garden pattern.

Here are some styles suitable for resorts often designed today.

  • The beautiful garden design with the dear country style is increasingly popular. Selecting the garden landscape is simple and extremely familiar.

Designing garden and resort houses and resorts with various suitable styles such as country-style, Chinese style, Japanese, modern, …

Above are the garden decoration of tube houses, townhouses, villas, level 4 houses, …. extremely creative, unique and attractive to viewers. You can apply immediately to design your own small yard, hoping to help you have more ideas for beautiful small garden designs for yourself.

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