6 ways to improve office space more effectively

Having a nice workspace is not difficult, but creating an effective workspace is a problem.

Today, we spend more time with work and colleagues at the company than with the family. Therefore, the working environment has a great influence on the quality of work. Having a nice workspace is not difficult, but creating an effective workspace is a problem. Here are 6 tips that ELLE MAN helps you to improve your workspace to reduce stress, increase your inspiration, and feel more connected to the company.

6 ways to make your office space more effectively

1. Visibility distance from the desk

People work better when their eyes see something more interesting than a corner. A clear view of the desk will help you develop a good mindset. If possible, improve your space by rearranging your workplace so that you can occasionally change the negative of your eyes to points as far as windows or company corridors. Note that the desk should not be too close to the wall or located in the middle of the room to avoid being bare in the room.

2. Decorate pictures

Hanging pictures should have a certain understanding of paintings, find the best advantages of each type to achieve a harmonious harmony when hanging them in the workspace. A picture of your family or artwork you like – Anything that makes you more relaxed or happy. The best place to place this picture is near a landline phone because we tend to look around when we’re on the phone.

3. Greening with plants

The presence of trees not only helps to condition the air, embellish the greenery, but it can also bear the harms caused by radiation. In order not to bring feelings of insecurity for yourself, it is best to avoid plants that are too shaggy, thorny or deformed like ornamental cactus … In addition, you should also choose plants with large leaves or pictures. rounder than those with sharp leaves to create a peaceful feeling.

4. Challenge yourself with a reptile pet

Is workspace too boring? You should find something new. Think of having a reptile pet in your office. They are very quiet, easy to raise and especially you do not have to worry about feeding each day. You can refer to the easy reptile species if you are a newbie.

5. Mix colors

Do not underestimate the power of color because it affects your work ethic, in addition to having a consistency with the company’s brand identity system. The desk should be neutral in color with some warm colors to increase attention. Improving the space with not too complicated color combinations is best for sight. Just one highlight color is enough to create the feeling of having more energy to work.

6. Use natural light

Ideally, a workspace should have lots of windows and natural light. Natural light is always the best. This may seem a bit difficult when you have to depend on where the desk is arranged. So if you have the opportunity to work in a meeting room with large windows, take advantage.

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