Beautiful house of terracotta tiles combined with the coffee business model

Cuckoo House is a beautiful model for 4 people, parents and two children combined with a coffee business model in Da Nang, Vietnam, designed and completed in 2018 by Tropical Space. middle to create a familiar feel, architectural shapes reminiscent of cuckoo watches.

The house consists of three blocks connected by buffer spaces. These three blocks are placed on a rectangular base. The base function is a cafe that includes a garden and an indoor space.

The three boxes above are the three functional spaces of a house that are separated and linked together by incomplete sheltered spaces.

  • Block A is a master bedroom with 2 floors. Upstairs is the bedroom, downstairs is the bathroom, toilet and closet.
  • Block B consists of 2 floors, the upper floor is the space of 2 children, the lower floor is the family living space
  • Block C is the kitchen and dining room

By habit, all of our daily living behaviors often occur within functional spaces. Tropical Space separates the dividing walls and creates a buffer space for people to like to step out of their room, which has the function of flexible use, connecting the house and outer space, helping the family activities are both private and open. At the same time, guiding the wind to every corner of the building for the house is always cool in the hot tropical summer.

The design is made by Tropical Space Co.,Ltd


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